Benefits of Antique Slot Machines

Perhaps you’re the type who collects vintage cars or vintage clothes. For a timeless look, why not buy antique slot machines? Slot Machines USA and Alison novelty have a wide selection of antique slots machines. Prices vary depending on make and age. Prices for antique slot machines range from $1,500 up to $2,400. You should look for fully restored and functional models. Some machines have up to 400 moving parts, while most antique slots machines are 100% mechanical.

The 1948 Gold Nugget is a favorite among the many antique slot machines. It has a cherry wood exterior and gold-plated letters and symbols. The shiny handle is easy to pull and transports you back in time. A good quality model can be purchased for around $1,800.

The War Eagle is another popular model, also reminiscent the 1940s. It has a shiny chrome surface like most antique slot machines. However, the War Eagle was designed to look almost exactly like a warplane, with red embellishments and dial-like numbers. The front features a brightly painted symbol and a bright eagle.

Rainbow models have multi-colored vertical stripes running down the front. This model is more feminine. This machine is brighter than other antique slots machines that are chrome-dominated and costs $1,500. Both the buttons and numbers are rainbow-colored. This machine is sure to be a conversation starter.

The difficulty of finding spare parts is one problem that can arise when buying antique slot machines. Ask your salesperson where and how you can get spare parts. You should also test out antique slot machines in order to determine if they are in good condition. Repairing vintage machines can be costly and difficult. Keep in mind that antique slot machines can be a great investment. They will appreciate in value if maintained properly.